Sewer Repair

Sewer Slab Leak Locating Services for Central Texas – Utilizing Techniques Developed by Pair Plumbing and Septic

Pair Plumbing and Septic has developed a new technique to locate sewer slab leaks utilizing new technology.

Sewer Inspection, Location and Repair Service

Foundation shifting can separate sewer lines complicating foundation issues. Root intrusion can separate sewer lines causing foundation issues. It is widely known that tree roots are a common cause for sewer lines stoppages. Tree roots can only enter a drain pipe if the integrity of the pipe has been compromised. Roots are seeking the available constant source of water that is provided by a compromised drain pipe. From tiny pipe fractures to holes and separations in the pipe. Cutting down the tree in your yard is not the answer to preventing root intrusion; roots could be coming from your neighbor’s tree. PVC pipe is impenetrable to roots when properly installed, the main cause of root intrusion to PVC is ground shifting causing the pipe to separate. Clay tile pipe is very susceptible to root intrusion. Cast iron pipe can also be susceptible to root intrusion.

There are other causes for pipe stoppages such as build up in the pipes.

Build up is the result of FOG. fat, oil and grease. Even though people do not intentionally pour FOG down the drain its sources are available in common food condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise, steak sauce, barbeque sauce and many others. These items enter our drain systems when we wash dishes. Shampoo, soap and toothpaste are also items that leave a residue in your pipes causing buildup.

Pair Plumbing and Septic can locate any sewer break under a slab and repair the problem. Don’t let a busted sewer line destroy your foundation. Give us a call @ 254-697-4227

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